24 Hour Care

24 Hour Care


In instances where a loved one need to be supported around the clock, we can work with the family and other professionals to develop a senior home care program that will suit their exact needs.

At One Touch Home Healthcare we can coordinate with you for a full day program or even around the clock care for your loved one.  This care can include any or all of the components listed in our PERSONAL CARE section or any of the services required to provide quality of life care.

We have specialized teams that are tailored to your loved one's needs. We strive to ensure a perfect match that delivers care, companionship and attention to the details that really matter.

If your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, our 24-hour care can be of great assistance to the family. As your loved one’s disease progresses and everyday tasks are a bigger challenge, we want to step in and help persons in need of care achieve their tasks and daily chores.

Neurological diseases affect everyday life from the moment they first wake up to when they go to sleep at night. Our caregivers will ensure your loved one’s 24-hour care will provide the quality of life that not only are they used to, but that they deserve.

If your parent or elderly at home have difficulty with daily tasks such as bathing, grooming, or meal preparation, One Touch Home Healthcare’s all-day care is a great option.

We can provide care for your loved one 24 hours a day to help with daily tasks and provide meaningful experiences and companionship to enrich their lives. Our 24-hour care will give your family peace of mind while also ensuring your loved one is safe and comfortable.

In conjunction with 24-hour care, One Touch Home Caregivers are also willing to help with all the usual (and sometimes unusual) housekeeping duties. These may include laundry, changing bedding, dusting, disinfecting and tidying, and more.

Reach out if you are interested in adding housekeeping services in conjunction with our other services. We are happy to tailor a program specifically for your loved one.