About Us

OneTouch Home Healthcare & Skills Training Inc. is a registered organisation that provides a variety of services to promote the healthcare of people in our community. We provide personal care for the young and elderly who have physical, or developmental disabilities that require excellent home care. OneTouch works with highly professional and experienced Registered Nurses (RN & RPN), Personal Support Workers (PSW) and Developmental Support Workers (DSW) that are well qualified to support our clients to access hygiene/personal care, dressing, as well as preparing meals. We can assist with grocery shopping, visiting family/friends, among other social activities. We have certified nurses who are available for all infusions (intravenous & subcutaneous)

OneTouch Home Healthcare offers respite care for loved ones who are in need for such services.

We provide both In-home respite care and In-facility respites care.

Our main focus is to offer all our clients independent and impartial support. We provide well-informed and flexible choices of services that will exceed their expectations, needs and requests of all our clients.

The heart of OneTouch Home Healthcare & Skills Training is to have a touch that will bring joy and laughter to our community, regardless of the health status.

Our mission is to provide excellent care services and to help individuals live fully every day of their life. We provide services to all people regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and ethnic origin. In order to sustain the highest standard of care, we provide training for all our staff to help them update their knowledge, and skills as per standard of practice.

As we partner in your care, our team of Nurses and PSWs will continue to strive to provide the care and services you require. Let us join hands together as care begins in the comfort of your home.

Thank you for choosing to start your next chapter of your health journey with us.


CEO:  Evelyn Sarpong (RN, BScN) About Us


Our Vision: 

Is to assist clients in achieving a fully enriched lifestyle.

Our Mission:

Aim to provide the best quality of care to clients in our community.


Accountability – We are accountable to our clients and families who trust us with their health care needs .We will earn that trust every day and meet our responsibility with the highest degree of integrity and transparency.

Client Focused: We plan and provide care by approaching each individual as a whole person with exclusive needs. We provide exceptional care and service in a safe and compassionate environment (Home & community)

Reliable: We are ever ready to provide consistence care for our clients 24/7 with honesty and humility.