Live In & Respite Care

The stress and time required to provide care to our loved ones can sometimes become a challenge if not overwhelming. Live-in and respite care gives the family members a needed break by having us step in to help. Because this is something that can be quite stressful and time-consuming it's important for that family caregiver to maintain their own physical and mental health.  One Touch Home Healthcare can assist when that person needs a break or when circumstances mean they just can't be there for Mom or Dad. Whether it full time live-in or just an extended period for vacations and other commitments, One Touch Home Healthcare can design a plan with you so that your time apart can be spent with confidence and trust that Mom or Dad are in the best hands.


For many seniors requiring a lot of hours of care and supervision but insist on living in their own home a live-in caregiver is an ideal solution.

These wonderful caregivers live right in the home and become an integral part of the family.  Live-ins are also a very cost effective way to stay at home for a price that is similar to many retirement residences or long term care facilities but with the highest level of 1 on 1 care.



If you are spending all your time and efforts on running errands for your loved one, One Touch Home Healthcare offers respite care that can alleviate this overwhelming stress for you. We can be there in order to give you a day off from running errands for your loved one, to run errands for yourself or just take the day to yourself.


If your job is preventing you from being home to take care of your Mom or Dad, One Touch Home Healthcare has got you covered! We can be there for your loved one ensuring their needs are being met while you stay at work later or away for a meeting.


One Touch Home Healthcare can be there for you when you have other family commitments. If your son or daughter has a school concert, sports event, or they have an appointment, respite caregivers from Assurance Home Care can help you be at your children’s important times of need and support them throughout their lives.


Are you planning a vacation but unfortunately your Mom or Dad cannot join? You can enjoy your vacation, worry-free! One Touch Home Healthcare Caregivers can alleviate your worries by being there for your loved one when you cannot be. Enjoy your vacation and let One Touch Home Healthcare professionals support Mom or Dad back home.


The health system can be  complex and daunting.  This can be compounded by other barriers such as cognition, available family supports to assist in helping understand and act on important health information.  One Touch can help with the navigation of all your health care needs.  Ideal for those that may not have family and friends in town or when those nearby are unable to step in. Care management is delivered by skilled and experienced nurses who can assist in any or all of the following….and more:

  • Establishing goals and a care plan with the client (included as part of our regular services)
  • Coordination and assistance with assessments and implementation with the Ontario Health Team (formerly The LHIN  & CCAC)
  • Health care system navigation assistance
  • Attendance/note taking/advocacy for the client with physicians and other allied health professionals…which means asking the right questions
  • Client education around diagnosis, treatment, medications etc.
  • Support and reporting for both client and their family



Palliative/end of life care helps clients with advanced illness manage their symptoms and remain at home. The emphasis is to create a comfortable, safe and calm environment. At One Touch Home Healthcare, we help clients and their families cope with the stress and medical requirements during difficult times by providing compassionate care in their own homes with all the familiarities and comforts nearby.

Whatever the needs may be we are able to provide Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Personal Support Workers and caring companions and we are able to mobilize quickly. We are here to help.