Mobilty Support

Mobilty Support

Our caregivers are equipped with vehicles and stellar driving records. We can assist in running errands with your loved one for trips to the grocery store, pharmacy or wherever.

Safety should be a primary concern when assessing a seniors ability to drive.  Of course, driving is a major component in maintaining a feeling of independence. When driving is just no longer possible One Touch Home Caregivers can help maintain that sense of independence with a little help behind the wheel.

Whether accompanying the parent to appointments, the grocery store or visiting friends, trust One Touch Home Care to get them there and home safely.  If preferred, our One Touch Home Caregivers can do the errands for them should they choose to stay at home.  This may include:


One Touch Home Health Caregivers can attend medical and other appointments, ensure on-time arrival, take notes and ensure doctors and other professional's orders are followed.


We understand that life can be very busy for people and you cannot always drop everything to make a trip to the pharmacy. You can depend on One Touch Home Care professionals to bring your loved one to the pharmacy when their prescription is ready for pick up or even for emergency pick-ups.


To ensure your loved one is getting the proper nutritional diet, One Touch Home Healthcare professionals will assist in their grocery shopping. Our professionals will not only bring them to the grocery store, but also assist your loved one with preparing a list and making sure everything on that list is in the grocery cart. Doing one’s own groceries can impact their sense of fulfillment.


Dry cleaning can sometimes be a task that doesn’t often get prioritize. If your loved one can no longer use a vehicle, Our professional staff can now make their dry cleaning a priority. Our care assists in transportation and errands to eliminate your loved one’s burdens as well as eliminating the burdens being put on others.


Library fines can add up if your loved one is unable to return borrowed material by the due date. When your loved one no longer has access to a vehicle, it is One Touch Home Healthcare caregivers that will ensure your loved one is meeting their book due-dates.

We are able to bring your loved one to and from the library when the book is due back or even days before, because there is nothing wrong with being on-time!

No errand is too small. Take advantage of our home care services today.