Personal Care

Personal Care

Here are some of the customized personal care services we offer:

  • Bathing
  • Personal hygiene
  • Personal appearance
  • Washroom assistance
  • Incontinence care
  • Bedtime routines
  • Transfer assistance

Personal care covers a wide spectrum of needs. Our One Touch Home Healthcare Caregivers are trained and experienced with the wide variety of personal care needs, whether it is assistance with bathing, using the washroom or incontinence issues.

As we age or because of physical limitations many of the basic things we take for granted can become more and more of a challenge. Helping alleviate some of these challenges can mean the difference between staying at home or a move to an assisted living facility.  This personal care comes in many different forms, some requiring a great deal of sensitivity and discretion. One Touch Home Healthcare Caregivers are experienced, professional and most of all caring when it comes to helping.

In addition to personal care, One Touch Home Healthcare Caregivers are also willing to help with all the usual (and sometimes unusual) housekeeping duties. These may include laundry, changing bedding, dusting, disinfecting and tidying, and more. Reach out if you are interested in adding housekeeping services in conjunction with our other services. We are happy to tailor a program specifically for your loved one.

Our caregivers are experienced in many personal care tasks, including:


Showers or bathtubs can be a challenge to get in and out of particularly when conditions are slippery. In either situation assistance can be delivered in a way that ensures safety and maintains and allows loved ones to keep up with their daily routines.


Daily routines such as brushing teeth, washing, shaving, and grooming help loved ones to feel fresh and clean. One Touch Home Healthcare Caregivers can help with any or all of these routines.


More than just the regular daily routines, sometimes that extra attention to hair, makeup and other personal grooming elements can make someone feel a little extra special about themselves. This might be for an outing, special occasion or simply because it feels great to do so.


Always with a high degree of sensitivity and respect of privacy, our One Touch Home Healthcare caregivers can aid in using of restroom facilities whether in the home or on outings.


Our caregivers are experienced and understanding when it comes to sufferers of occasional or frequent incontinence. Maintaining dignity, staying comfortable and maintaining healthy, dry skin are key components of this kind of sensitive caregiving.


Morning or evening assistance with getting in and out of bed, dressing, undressing or any other personal grooming assistance are all imperative to either starting the day off right or ensuring a great nights sleep.


As we age physical mobility can become more and more challenging. This is often most apparent when the use of a wheelchair is involved. Transfer assistance is something One Touch Home Healthcare Caregiver can assist with whether it is simply in and out of bed or a sitting position or whether it is more complicated transfers from the wheelchair to the bed and back as well as in and out of vehicles.


Personal Care


We can prepare meals in your own home or freshly prepared off-site with delivery.

Meal time can become not only a burden but in some cases hazardous as well.  Our caregivers can plan delicious meals, being mindful of nutritional needs and restrictions.

We cater to a wide range of clients. Whether you're a busy professional, post surgery or just need a few extra freshly prepared meals handy.

A key component to being able to stay in the home is the ability to maintain a healthy diet. There is a direct correlation between dietary nutrition, weight loss and the onset of more serious health issues. Assistance with meal time can mean many different things and One Touch Home Healthcare can help with meals no matter what the need.

One Touch Home Healthcare professionals understand that not everyone will be able to eat the same things. We understand that your loved one may have dietary restrictions. If your loved one has diabetes, we know that adjusting their diet to healthy foods can improve conditions and lessen symptoms. Diabetics should avoid saturated fats as it can heighten your chances of heart disease and cardiovascular problems. Starchy foods and refined sugars are also categories in which diabetics should limit or restrict their consumption.

One Touch Home Healthcare can also assist your loved one’s meal preparation and planning if they have high cholesterol. If someone has high cholesterol, they should plan their meals by reducing the amounts of saturated fats they consume. Our caregivers can help plan your loved one’s meals by replacing the bad fats with good and healthy fats.


One Touch Home Healthcare Caregivers can review meals, recipes, and shopping lists to ensure that a complete and healthy diet is maintained. Monitoring of expired foods and food on hand can also be part of the mix. This planning can even include coupon cutting to help minimize household expenses.


One Touch Home Healthcare Caregivers are also experienced cooks. We prepare nutritious and delicious meals to cater to special diets, including gluten free.  Balanced meals are essential to maintaining health and body weight particularly for seniors.  Appetite loss and loss of interest in food may also be a side effect of certain medications.


In addition to meal planning and meal preparation, meal time feeding may be an additionally needed component of maintaining nutritional health. Physical dexterity and mobility may overtime become factors that lead to lower consumption rates and loss of weight. Maintaining intake of food and fluids and assistance in feeding can be key to maintaining that healthy weight.




Here are some of the customized companionship services we offer:

  • Lending an ear
  • Exercise for the brain
  • Social outings and activities
  • Physical exercise

Sometimes the most valuable assistance is simple companionship. But there's nothing simple about finding the right caregiver for the right kind of companionship. Whether it is supportive conversation or activity-based companionship. One Touch Home Healthcare will find the right caregiver for a customized approach.

The link between social needs and physical health is well documented. An active mind extends both physical and mental health and overall sense of well-being.

As seniors find themselves increasingly alone due to the circumstances of aging, including transportation issues and losing touch with friends, it becomes more vital to fill that companionship gap and to maintain that emotional and social stimulation.

In addition to companionship, One Touch Home Healthcare Caregivers are also willing to help with all the usual (and sometimes unusual) housekeeping duties. These may include laundry, changing bedding, dusting, disinfecting and tidying, and more. Reach out if you are interested in adding housekeeping services in conjunction with our other services. We are happy to tailor a program specifically for your loved one.

At One Touch Home Healthcare we'll work with you and your loved ones to develop the right blend of individual attention that can include:


Engaging conversation stimulates the mind and provides comfort. Whether reminiscing about the past, talking about family and grand children or sharing life's lessons and values, our home care givers can be that individual to join in conversation. This is often where many of the strongest bonds between caregiver and client happens.


We all know intuitively, and science has shown, that the mind is like a muscle. Muscles need to be used to avoid atrophy. Along with other companionship activities, active thinking and processing exercises such as games, puzzles and other tools provide a mental challenge that strengthens the mental muscle.


One Touch Home Healthcare Caregivers can lend a helping hand in coordinating social activities with friends and family. Everything from having visitors in the home to going out for social activity, shopping, walks in the park with friends, going to church and more. All of these activities help maintain a sense of purpose and independence.


Doctors and physiotherapists alike extol the virtues of exercise. This can come in many forms from small walks to assistance with maintaining or increasing mobility and muscle use. One Touch Home Healthcare Caregivers are there to assist and encourage. They can even work with other professionals to assist in the programs already developed by physiotherapist and trainers specialized in elder care.