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Introduction to Phlebotomy

The Introduction to Phlebotomy will enable you to use a variety of tools to identify an infection or disease. The course will help you become familiar with the role of a phlebotomist and why it is crucial to maintain high standards of practice. Furthermore, you will learn about blood, blood vessels, the circulatory system, different blood types, and how to draw blood. Additionally, gain knowledge of the different kinds of equipment and their uses in phlebotomy. Explore how a phlebotomist selects the correct needle from a variety of needles to use on a patient.

Who Is This Qualification For?

  • Individuals working in the healthcare sector
  • Nursing staff, medical assistants, lab technicians
  • Pre-med students
  • Healthcare students
  • Anyone who wants to become a certified phlebotomist


We conduct at least 2 courses every month.


Prerequisites To Take This Course


An understanding of the components of blood. How to meet the challenges of complications on a daily basis. Learning to examine venipuncture equipment


In order to pass, learners must take a Quiz which will be marked right away and will indicate if the learner has been successful in the exam.


Once you complete the course you will be awarded the Certificate which you can use to further progress your career.


Certificate will prepare you to demonstrate your skills in the medical and healthcare sectors. You can use this qualification to work as a healthcare technician specialising in phlebotomy.

In Future

This Certificate can be used towards achieving similar qualifications of a higher level. The Introduction to Phlebotomy will aid and improve future employment prospects.

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